Since 1999 the day of Bisexuality is celebrated on the 23rd of September and the whole week long around that date. It should be pointed out that bisexuals exsist definitely contrary to prejudices of some people. It should show that bisexuality can be very beautiful and enriching even though many bisexuals have to suffer from biphobia and especially from invisibility.

Definition of bisexual invisibility: if you see two women kissing each other most people think „oh, they are lesbians“. If two men holding hands they say „two gays“. If they see a man and a woman together people automatically think it´s a heterosexual couple. But all of these six persons could also be bisexual or pansexual. Not only it is inherently difficult to identify bisexuals but also having a coming-out we are blamed for being not really bisexual … that it is only a phase we are going through…we were just trying to hide our „real nature“ behind the notion of bisexuality.

Enough oft that: on this website bisexuals can

  • represent themselfs
  • encourage other people
  • be role models for young persons
  • show vast variety

Join in and appear in public!

  1. Get a free Bi- or Pan-postcard from a regulars' table in your town or place your order with Frank. Or you can download it here.
  2. Take a Selfie showing the postcard or let someone else take a picture of you. Be creative not boring: for example hold the card right next to your face… take it in the mouth… keep it up… in front of your face… or arrange something according to your own tastes! Also feel free to use bisexual or pansexual flags in your photo.
  3. Upload your picture or several of your photos here and grant us your approval for publication. Two check marks are mandatory input but we are pleased about some more because it provides us the opportunity to realize other campains for our Bi-Community.
  4. Take a look at the photos in the gallery.

Thank you very much!

Be proud of yourself no matter if you came out or not.

Your BiPride-Team